Hobby #2

Baking: Open Face Blueberry Pie

A long long time ago (in a galaxy far far away) I had this amazing blueberry pie.

When I was in college, the guy I was dating at the time had a recipe for blueberry pie from his gramma. One day we made it together and It was the most delicious pie I’ve ever had. I never forgot that pie and I’ve always been determined to find the recipe and make it myself.

Well folks, I bring you to hobby #2! With my need for amazing blueberry pie and my obsession with the Great British Baking Show, I decided to tackle baking!

So upon scouring the internet for a recipe similar to the one I remember from days of old, I found this: Blueberry Pie Recipe. Yay! The only thing not included in this recipe (from what I remember) was a thin layer of cream cheese spread on the inside bottom crust. Let the baking begin!

Farmer’s Market: Blueberries not pictured. Credit: https://www.facebook.com/FredoniaFarmersMarket/

So I went to my local farmer’s market to get some nice fresh blueberries (go big or go home!) and then to Wal-Mart to grab the rest (went big already, Wal-Mart will do for the rest!). I bought a ready-made crust, because I ain’t no Betty Crocker and making pie filling is hard enough as it is.

So I guess this pie was more of a cheat bake because the only actual baking I did was but the ready made crust in the oven (which I definitely was worried I was going to mess up!) and it turned out perfectly. Also making the filling went smoothly as well…..until I was nearing the end of the process to make the filling and realized I forgot the cream cheese! So I quickly tried to open the cream cheese and spread it on the bottom when I cracked the crust. Shit! Well there goes my pie…..

I continued to make it anyway and dumped the filling into the cracked pie crust. It looked alright but there waa blueberry juice leaking everywhere.

The pie. It looks nice here but once I cut into it, it all fell apart.

All in all it came out alright and it tasted great. If anything I can just call it A deconstructed blueberry pie. I am making some changes next time I make it though. I’ll probably include more blueberries into the sauce mixture and definitely some more cornstarch to thicken it up. The sauce was a bit runny which ia probably why it fell apart so bad. And of course because of the broken crust. That’s another thing! I will put the cream cheese on before I start making the filling!

Even with the mishaps, I would rate this endeavor as a success!


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